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The Optimized Dev Newsletter

Keeping up with the latest in web development can be an overwhelming task for devs. And even when you’re aware of trends, making time to try them can be even more daunting. Scaffolding a project with an unfamiliar technology can be difficult and time-consuming, but that’s where our new newsletter, The Optimized Dev, comes in.

Each month, we’ll send you a coding challenge that helps you explore the new and interesting tech you hear everyone talking about. You not only get to learn about something new, but you also get to give it a try with minimum effort. (And no, the challenge isn’t to build with Prismic every month, although we were tempted to make this all about us. 😉 Just like you, we love exploring new tech and optimizing the stacks we work with.)

Stay on Top of New Tools, Frameworks, and More

Research shows that we learn better by doing. Dive into a monthly tutorial with the Optimized Dev Newsletter that helps you decide which new web dev tools are worth adding to your stack.

How it works

Here’s what you can expect after you sign up:

  1. Our community votes on new tech they want to learn more about. If you want to join the fun, be sure to follow us on Twitter 🐣
  2. We create a fun, 30-minute challenge with all the scaffolding you need to learn more about the chosen topic. We’ll set up the boilerplate in a Stackblitz, support your learning with other content, and leave a few hints to help you along the way. 🎁 You’ll get it all in a neat little email on the 20th of every month.
  3. The following week, on the 27th, we’ll post the full solution tutorial on our blog, with special shoutouts to those who finished the challenge in time!

What are the benefits?

You already know web development evolves rapidly; that’s why you’ve landed on this post. That means that as web developers, we’re all on a path of continuous growth. There’s a lot that goes into that, but two things are crucial:

  • Keeping up with new tech should be fun 🤸‍♂️ — not an overwhelming chore.
  • The best way to learn new tech is to dive in and give it a try. 🤿

Our goal is to help you achieve both of those things while staying on the leading edge of development so you can keep advancing in your career.

But in the end, the best way to see the benefits of our little newsletter is to sign up and give it a try ☺️ 🚀


How can I let you know that I’ve completed the challenge?

Shout us out on Twitter with a link to your Stackblitz! Look, we’ve even already started your tweet for you, so all you have to do is click here. 😇  (Don’t forget to add your Stackblitz link!)

Where can I go if I need more help with the challenge?

Need a little more support? Don’t hesitate to jump over to our forum!

Where can I go if I want to give feedback about the challenge or request a topic?

We’re all here to learn and grow. If you have thoughts on how we could make the challenges better or a specific topic you wish we’d cover, you can reach us through

Article written by

Sam Littlefair

Sam is a Canadian in France preoccupied with journalism, web publishing, JavaScript, meditation, and travel. He works on documentation at Prismic.

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Sam Littlefair



I'd like to get new technical posts daily regarding Javascript, React, Node.js and AWS, AI products
Reply·10 months ago


The email signup option does not appear to be working for me.
Reply·8 months ago

Nouha from Prismic

This is a reply to taylorguillermwpro's comment

I'd like to get new technical posts daily regarding Javascript, React, Node.js and AWS, AI products

Noted! We just made a recent one on adding Algolia search to a React App, we'll do more on AI products for sure!
Reply·8 months ago
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