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Our plans for a better Gatsby integration

Gatsby is one of the most popular choices for web developers building websites today. We're no strangers to the framework and we are committed to continuing our support.

But first, what's Gatsby?

If you aren't familiar with Gatsby, here's the gist.

Gatsby is a static site generator built on React. It embraces the latest best practices in the JavaScript ecosystem while staying very flexible with its robust plugin library. Gatsby streamlines bringing content into your site from multiple sources, including Prismic. While Gatsby faces strong competition from the likes of Next.js and leaner solutions like 11ty, it is a battle-tested and widely used framework built for developers.

At Prismic, we aim to embrace the same principles and provide you with the best environment to use solutions like Gatsby.

Our commitment to Gatsby and its users

I joined Prismic one month ago to focus full-time on Prismic's Gatsby integration. Although I am a new addition to the team, I have been a user and advocate of both Prismic and Gatsby for several years. I created and maintained Prismic's primary Gatsby plugin, gatsby-source-prismic, while I was still in my previous role at a brand design agency. While at that agency, I used Prismic and Gatsby in real-world projects, and I experienced all of the challenges involved.

Now that I am at Prismic, the team and I can provide an even better experience for you and everyone else using Prismic with Gatsby.

Going forward, gatsby-source-prismic will be our official Gatsby plugin, and will be supported and maintained in-house. Our education and development teams will be versed in Gatsby and its ecosystem to help you and your projects. For those on the previously recommended community plugin, gatsby-source-prismic-graphql, we will be helping users migrate through our guides and community forum.

gatsby-source-prismic wouldn't exist, of course, if Prismic did not embrace community efforts. While primary development will come from within Prismic, we would love support from the community as well in any way possible.

Upcoming new features

Many new features for the Gatsby plugin are currently in development. Some of these features include sourcing content from multiple Prismic repositories, serving media files from your own host, and support for Gatsby's newest image plugin, gatsby-plugin-image.

We're also moving support for content previewing to its own plugin, creatively named gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews. Previewing content before publishing is powerful for editors, but can be difficult to integrate into static sites. Moving this into its own plugin will help us build a more robust preview solution that uses all of Prismic's previewing features.

In addition to new features, we're also updating our documentation to include the latest Gatsby best practices. Our example projects and starters are being refreshed to support the updated plugins. These will serve as a good reference for those updating their sites or starting from scratch.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming features and fixes, check out the V4 Public Beta issue on GitHub. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to voice your opinion there.

The future

We are committed to bringing the best content management experience to all our users, Gatsby developers included.

We will be looking at ways to better integrate with Gatsby and their product offerings, like Gatsby Cloud and their preview solution.

We will also be looking at ways to better connect with the Gatsby developer community.

The Road Ahead for React Developers

While we support Gatsby v6, it's important to note the framework's evolution has paused (as per this announcement). For React developers seeking cutting-edge solutions, we recommend exploring Next.js for its ongoing advancements.

Check out our Next.js tutorial.

This is on the roadmap, and — while it is still in the very early stages — please know that it is being discussed and worked on. More details will be shared when they're ready.

If you have suggestions on how we can better serve you, please share them with us! You can do so through GitHub Issues for feature requests and bugs or through the community forum for support.

We'll be posting more about Gatsby on our blog, so be sure to check back for the latest updates. Bye for now!

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Angelo Ashmore

Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Prismic focusing on Next.js, Gatsby, React, and TypeScript, in no particular order.

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