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Release Week: New Ways to Learn and Gather

On the first day of Release Week, we shared all of the developer tool improvements we’ve been working on. But a great developer experience is about much more than tools: it’s also about community and learning.

That’s why we’re excited to share significant new expansions to the ways we share knowledge about Prismic! Over the last few months, the Prismic team has been working hard on several new initiatives and improvements to the ways we gather as a community and the documentation we provide to guide your next Prismic project.

As we deliver these initiatives, we know each new way to learn and participate in our community will support you and your team’s ability to ship and grow websites.

New and improved ways to gather

As our community grows larger every day, we want to provide several spaces for us all to gather, share, and learn from each other. Below you’ll find the two great initiatives that will give us new ways to come together.

We’ve reimagined and reorganized the Community Forum

As the Prismic Community has grown, so have its needs. We’ve chatted with tons of users, taken everything we’ve heard, and incorporated it into our new and improved forum!

Inside you’ll find the channels have been reorganized to improve sharing knowledge. We’ll also have reoccurring threads and content to help you learn and connect with other Prismic Devs, and we’ll begin connecting with active community members who participate and help other members through special perks and recognition.

The best way to get started? Head over to the forum and introduce yourself in our new "What's New" category!

Connect and learn in our Community Office Hours

Looking for some feedback on your Prismic project? Have some quick questions or want to share something you've been working on? Join our bi-weekly Prismic Community Office Hours! Drop in with your questions, comments, or projects to share with the team and community.

In these short group sessions we’ll be:

  • Sharing resources
  • Working through tough problems
  • Identifying strategies for your Prismic builds

Everyone is welcome to come and ask Prismic-related questions, and anyone participating can respond and share their insights. Want to join the next one? Sign up here!

Better ways to learn and improve

As Prismic grows in both features and capabilities, we think it’s imperative that we provide outstanding documentation and resources. We are creating new resources across multiple mediums to accommodate every learning style.

The shortest path to an answer is the Prismic Help Center!

Searching for a solution but you aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ve brought together all the resources and contact information you need to answer your questions and successfully ship your next project.

Inside the Help Center, you’ll find:

  • Links to important resources
  • Featured threads from the forum
  • Your options for technical support
  • Ways to get in touch with the Prismic team

You can find the newly created Help Center here.

Looking to Build with Next.JS? Try our Crash Course

If you and your team are looking to pair Prismic with Next.js, we’ve put together the quickest way to get up to speed on core Prismic features and ship your next project with our new Crash Course. We think one of the best ways to learn about Prismic is to dive into a hands-on demo, so that is exactly what we’re giving you.

Starting with a simple command, you’ll get a fully-featured Prismic website to test out and explore. As you follow along with this course, you’ll come to understand key concepts that are central to how Prismic works, including:

  1. Slices: These are building blocks for websites — like website components, but for content.
  2. Slice Machine: The local development tool for building with Prismic.
  3. Editor: The cloud Prismic app where website content is written.

By the time you are done with this quick walkthrough, you’ll know exactly what it’s like to build sites and write content with Prismic. You can dive in here!

We’ve Written a Glossary of Prismic Specific terms

Have you ever gotten stuck on a definition? Forgotten exactly what something means or how different concepts relate? We know the feeling, which is why we developed the Prismic Glossary! It’s a resource for when you just want to know what a certain thing means.

With every concept you could possibly come across while reading our documentation, in alphabetical order, you’ll never be at a loss again when learning or teaching core Prismic concepts. With over 60 entries, the Prismic Glossary is your comprehensive go-to reference.

We’re improving our documentation with explainer videos

Last, but not least, we have begun augmenting all our documentation with video explainers! To accommodate even more learning styles, our team has been putting in hours in the studio to transform critical concepts in our documentation into easy-to-follow explainer videos. Each one is dedicated to a single concept, providing additional context and insight into building your next project with Prismic. Want to see some examples? Check out the following in our documentation:

Final Thoughts

We’ve shared with you some powerful new ways that our community will be coming together and some tremendous improvements to how you can learn and grow as a Prismic developer. We are so excited to see you take advantage of these updates and grow your Prismic skills, taking your professional success to the next level.

As we grow and build, we’ll keep adding new programs and improving our offerings, but none of these efforts matter without you. So, please, ask questions, participate in the forum, and dazzle us by sharing what you’ve built using Prismic!

We can’t wait and look forward to everything we’re going to do together.

In the meantime, be sure to RSVP for our Release Week Meetup on Thursday, where we'll walk you through everything we're sharing this week, with live demos of new tools. After you sign up, we'll send all the incredible Release Week updates straight to your inbox.

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Community Lead at Prismic, focused on delivering the programs and making the connections you need to build successfully with Prismic. If you ship something new with Prismic, he’ll be the first one to brag about you.

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