This guide will show you how to add Prismic to a Gatsby project in about twenty minutes. If you want to jump right in, proceed to the setup step:

Prismic has an unlimited free tier for projects with one user. To learn more, see our pricing page:

What skills will I need?

If you're a developer building a project with Prismic and Gatsby, we recommend that you already have a basic knowledge of React, CSS, and Gatsby.

If a developer sets up Prismic for you, you won't need any technical knowledge — anyone can use Prismic.

Gatsby plugins and Prismic

Gatsby is a framework that offers a wide variety of plugins to customize and extend your application capabilities. Prismic has the following integration plugins:

Are you using gatsby-source-prismic-graphql?

We've moved away from supporting and documenting this plugin. Read our blog post if you're interested in the details about this process: Gatsby-Prismic plugins: what's going on?

Follow the migration guide to gatsby-source-prismic.

Steps to get started

These guides will walk you through every step, from creating content and adding it to your project to deploying it and seeing it live.

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