Welcome to the developer documentation of Prismic and Gatsby, "a free and open-source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing-fast websites and apps," as explained in the official Gatsby website.

This page outlines some of the resources that'll help you start with your project.

Get started

Select the best option to get started with your Gatsby and Prismic project.

If you don't have a project yet, we recommend you start from scratch using the tutorial or an example project.

If you already have an existing Gatsby project this documentation will teach you how to integrate it with Prismic.


This tutorial series starts with a hardcoded Gatsby website and slowly adds Prismic, piece by piece. If you're new to Prismic or want to understand better how it all works, this is a great place to start.

Start tutorial

Example projects

Integrate with an existing project

Check out our resources for integrating a Gatsby project with Prismic. Learn how to install the necessary plugins, make queries, template content, and much more.

Gatsby plugins and Prismic

Gatsby is a framework that offers a wide variety of plugins that allows you to customize and extend your application capabilities.
In this documentation, we focus on the ones we officially recommendgatsby-source-prismic and gatsby-plugin-prismic-previews.


The gatsby-source-prismic source plugin helps you to pull data from Prismic.


This plugin works together with gatsby-source-prismic to allow you to Integrate live Prismic Previews into a Gatsby site to enable editors a seamless content editing experience.

(Deprecated) gatsby-source-prismic-graphql

We've moved away from supporting and documenting this plugin.

We have a dedicated article if you're interested in the details about this process: Gatsby-Prismic plugins: what’s going on?

We highly recommend that you migrate your project to gatsby-source-prismic with the help of this guide:

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