Prismic & Gatsby plugins

This article will teach you how Prismic + Gatsby plugins work.

How Gatsby source plugins work

In general, Gatsby plugins are known to help developers customize and extend their application capabilities. Gatsby is a framework that offers a wide variety of plugins that allows you to power up your Gatsby site.

Several plugins work with Prismic, all produced by the developer community. In this documentation, we only focus on the one we officially recommend: gatsby-source-prismic.


Created by Angelo Ashmore, gatsby-source-prismic is the officially recommended source plugin for pulling data from Prismic. All of the articles you will find in further sections are dedicated to documenting this plugin's usage. A few interesting things to know about this plugin:

  • Has built-in support for Previews and Incremental builds by using Gatsby cloud.
  • It recursively fetches all of the documents in a Prismic repository at build time.
  • Internally uses the REST API (predicates).
  • It supports multi-language configurations.

(Deprecated) gatsby-source-prismic-graphql

We've moved away from supporting/documenting this plugin. We have a dedicated article if you're interested in learning the details about this process: Gatsby-Prismic plugins: what’s going on?

We highly recommend that you migrate your project to gatsby-source-prismic with the help of this guide: