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Blazing fast websites deserve blisteringly quick content

Gatsby has gone one step further with React's architecture and made it even easier to build websites - but, to get the most out of Gatsby, you need a component-centric CMS.

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If you don't know already (is that even possible?) Gatsby is a React-based, static site generator powered by GraphQL. Its popularity continues to grow, including with Prismic users, and offers powerful website performance with a great dev experience. 

Blazing fast website

If you're already using Gatsby, or you're considering using Gatsby, you're looking for speed. Speed of deployment. Website speed. Server-side rendering. Smarter queries using GraphQL. SEO. Stability.

Component-based approach

We all know about Gatsby's speed (I mean, you do, right?), but one of its real advantages is how a component-based approach allows for a modular build that encourages collaboration.

Deploying and Hosting

And because Gatsby builds your site as static content, it makes it very easy and affordable to host - regardless of your budget.

A component CMS for Gatsby

Do you need a CMS with Gatsby? You could use local markdown files, but that will quickly become unmanageable. So, if you're planning on having over a handful of pieces of content (which you probably are), then it's time to start looking at CMS options.


70,000+ active users

API Requests

4 billion+ monthly API calls

Asset Delivery

200TB+ per month

Why Prismic

If you're opting for speed, performance, and components, you need a CMS that complements those strengths. You don't want to find that you've got a fast build and a fast website only to end up moving slowly every time you need to update content. When you've chosen a framework that is constantly evolving, you need a CMS that can keep up.

That's where Prismic comes in.

Dynamic Multi-Session Previews

That's right, we've figured out a way to offer unlimited simultaneous dynamic previews (with shareable links) in Gatsby. So you get all of the benefits of a static site, with a much-improved workflow. No, we aren't one of those other guys telling you that we offer previews but overlooking the fact that you can only generate one at a time. When we say unlimited multi-session previews, we mean it.

Push for Hyperspeed 

Using Prismic with Gatsby

You've got your high performance website, but now you need blazing fast content. With Prismic, we've built a CMS that exists to make the most out of the other technologies, languages, and frameworks that you choose.  That's why we've worked hard on building a CMS that allows Gatsby to deliver on all of its promises.

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