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Get your media library organized and ensure you always find what you need with the improvements we're working on this quarter.

Hi everyone,

Guy here from Prismic, eager to share some exciting enhancements to our Media Library that I believe will support your creative process and enhance your content management experience. Following the successful launch of our new Page Builder, which blends headless CMS capabilities with a visual content creation experience familiar to marketers, we've taken your feedback to heart and are thrilled to introduce new features in our Media Library.

Why overhaul the Media Library?

Our commitment to improving Prismic revolves around your needs and the challenges you face in managing digital content. Therefore, we rebuilt the Media Library from scratch. The initial version was just the beginning. We're now adding several features to help you manage your media more efficiently, ensuring you stay in the creative flow without interruption.

  • Customizable image metadata: You can now specify media titles, alt texts, copyright information, and add private notes directly from the Media Library grid view. This allows for better organization and accessibility.
  • Enhanced search capabilities: Find exactly what you need, when you need it. Our new search functionality is designed to anticipate your needs, offering faster and more accurate results.
  • Intuitive tagging and filtering: Organize your media with ease. Apply tags to your images, videos, and other files for easy classification and quick retrieval.
  • Bulk deletion: Keep your media library uncluttered with the ability to delete multiple assets at once. This feature is essential for maintaining an efficient and organized library.

Experience the new Media Library

These updates are designed to not only improve how you interact with your media but also to save you time and reduce the hassle in content management.

We are progressively rolling out each feature to all projects. Make sure you have the new Page Builder activated in your repository; once it is, expect to see the new Media Library features pop up anytime soon.

Thank you for being part of our community and for your ongoing support as we enhance Prismic together.

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Cheers,Guy ProopsProduct manager

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Bulk delete assets in the media library

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Customizable image metadata

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Media library search

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Media library with unlimited assets is available across all plans, from free to enterprise. Check out our plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

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