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#SliceContest: Winner, Winner, Pizza Dinner

Last month we released an update to Slice Machine, adding a builder to it. To celebrate that, we organized #SliceContest, a contest where developers could share a slice library made with the new builder to enter. The deadline for the contest has passed and our latest product meetup was the right time to announce the two lucky winners! Here's the replay in case you missed the announcement:

We'd also like to take some time here to again thank the 16 contestants who entered. You nicely and evenly built 8 libraries for Next.js, 8 for Nuxt.js (my obsessive personality thanks you all very much for that). Congratulations to: Agnel Nieves, Bob Singor, Emma Houlé, Francesco Soni, James Home, Jedidiah Broadbent, João Horta, Kirit Tanna, Kristiyan Bogdanov, Levi Mykel, Maya Shavin, Quentin Neyraud, Reece May, Samuel Horn, Syed Hussaini, and Tom Dale!

Now, let's first highlight a few of the libraries that didn't win the grand prize, but that we still think are pretty great!

Honorable Mentions

Agnel Nieves

Agnel Nieves slice library

The first honorable mention is for Agnel Nieves! He built a landing page/startup-themed Nuxt.js slice library with really nice animations. He even bought a domain for it! Visit it at, browse the Storybook here, and visit the code on GitHub.

Maya Shavin

Maya Shavin slice library

The second library we want to showcase is from Maya Shavin! Working at Cloudinary and being part of the StorefrontUI core team it was a no-brainer for her to design an eCommerce-themed slice library. She spent a lot of time adding knobs and controls to her Storybook, you can also check the code on GitHub.

Bob Singor

Bob Singor slice library

The last library highlight is for Bob Singor! He worked with Next.js on a really complete charity-themed library, sharing a whopping amount of slices on GitHub. To compliment those he made a website with them, and, of course, shared their Storybook.

Now comes the time to know who won either a PlayStation 5 or a Shure SM7B microphone...

And the Winners Are...

Samuel Horn

Samuel Horn slice library

Our first winner is Samuel Horn! He built Pixelslices, a really well designed slice library featuring, of course, some pizza but that's not all! His library was also provided with a dark mode variant as you can see on the showcase website he built. On the Storybook side of things, Samuel also did a nice job adding some useful knobs to allow readers to quickly get an idea of what are his slices capable of. You can check all his code on GitHub. Congratulations again Samuel!

Jedidiah Broadbent

Jedidiah Broadbent slice library

The second winner of this #SliceContest is Jedidiah Broadbent! He worked on a really original podcast-themed library, allowing you to customize its player and everything! Talking customization Jedidiah also shined as a Storybook wizard. He fully took advantage of the new controls plugin to highlight his Slices capabilities. Check the Storybook out and have a look at his nicely typed slices on GitHub. Congratulations again Jedidiah!

Swag for Everyone!

Building a slice library still requires some time. As promised every contestant will be contacted really soon to be sent a swag package. Not a regular one though! Our design team is currently busy designing a new exclusive pack, and the contestants will be the first to get their hands on it! Or perhaps I will be, if Nouha would allow me to test the sample. Entirely for work purposes, I assure you...

But that's not all

As teased during our last product meetup we will also announce another contest very soon. It will also be Slice Machine related, so stay tuned to our RSS feed! Actually, we might not have one, so the easiest way would be to follow us on Twitter.


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Lucie Haberer

A Developer Experience Engineer, Lucie is way too much into Nuxt.js but don't tell her, that's pointless. She also managed somehow to publish a package to NPM while giving a talk at a conference.

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