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SEO & acquisition campaigns

Create highly contextualized rich content to boost your SEO and reduce your acquisition costs. enables marketing teams at companies like Deliveroo, Canal+, Made and many others to create highly targeted acquisition campaigns. Using’s unique features, especially Content Slices, developers predefine flexible content components that follow design guidelines. Slices enable Marketers to be more productive in creating highly customized pages without any additional help from engineers. Freeing up engineers and giving more freedom to marketers allows them to produce rich content quickly for new opportunities. Some examples of actual use-cases include specific landing pages for restaurants, inspiring articles for design trends and micro-websites for events.

Deliveroo uses to build landing pages to create rich stories optimizing its acquisition costs and promoting its products.


With as your backend, manage and push content painlessly to your native apps and web apps

Google uses for their mobile applications to train Android developers. Thanks to’s API, Google deploys content onto two platforms: Android and iOS can be used for multiple projects on every available channel. Our customers use our highly flexible API, letting them deploy content on multiple channels, all from one backend.

The Container Store uses to enhance the editorial capabilities of their ecommerce platform. Their marketing team can freely build and schedule sales pages or blog posts. Marketers can now optimize their website independently from developers.

E-commerce and catalogue

Your products and their stories are at the heart of your business. is the tool for hundreds of e-commerce platforms to tell those stories to their customers

Large e-commerce platforms create beautiful inspirational content and seasonal promotional pages through Their products can be featured on that content thanks to a simple integration process directly from their catalog. They can also prepare bulk changes ahead of time with the Releases feature and schedule them for an automatic release on special events like a sale or a holiday.

Editorial websites

Develop rich content for your website and produce content that brings value to the customer

Amnesty International uses to engage its readers in the fight for human rights worldwide. They produce qualified interconnected articles to give pertinent recommendations to their readers. improves the productivity of content editors with a simple platform for creating articles with rich media and embedded social content. Editors also control how links to articles appear when shared on messaging apps or social networks. Created content on can be enriched with metadata in order to recommend both personalized and pertinent content to readers.

Corporate websites

Share your brand’s values and company news through a rich website. Be free to tell your stories with your unique design that reflects your identity

Corporations use to work on important scheduled publications (financial results, partnership announcements, press releases) by keeping them confidential before quarterly releases thanks to the Private Releases feature. Large enterprises use to publish corporate articles that describe their various activities throughout the world (humanitarian, environmental, social, educational, etc.) to improve their brand imaging. They also use the power of’s Slices to create Job posts and connect them with their Recruitment software.

Kaplan uses to showcase their private and public courses on their website to inform potential students about their offers and help them prepare for their online courses