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Webinar with Arkade: aligning content, commerce, and customer

Written by Edward Hewitt in People icon with two silhouettes. Prismic People on October 05, 2020

The expectations for eCommerce websites have quickly evolved and visitors now expect something more than a catalog that lists products. With online orders now becoming the default purchase method for many people, companies are having to figure out how they can tell their brand story and improve the visitor experience without complicating the buying process.

Arkade is a digital agency that specializes in helping brands create websites that effectively tell their story whilst also providing a smooth and simple eCommerce experience. This is no easy feat and, to do this, they incorporate a modern tech stack that often adopts a Jamstack approach that allows them to choose technologies and services that serve the particular needs of their clients.

Prismic is often their choice as a CMS. Offering them development and design flexibility whilst simultaneously providing the end-user with the features and functionalities that modern marketing teams need in order to be able to easily create landing pages, CTAs, product listings, and other pages.


Prismic is what most would consider to be a 'headless' CMS - although we prefer to think of ourselves as the first truly component-based CMS. Our Slices feature allows developers and designers to build website sections that content creators can use to easily create pages for their websites.

This frees them from the rigid templates that they might encounter with other CMSs and allows them to create brand-consistent pages and content without having to rely on their developers for each update or improvement. This is a powerful feature and it is one of the major reasons why over 15,000 websites now employ Prismic Slices.

In the case of eCommerce websites, Prismic is becoming an increasingly popular because of our Integration Fields feature that allows you to seamlessly integrate third-party data from an external API - with the main use case for this being product catalogs from services like Shopify.

Prismic also helps eCommerce websites to tackle one of their other major challenges with our Scheduling and Previews features which not only allow you to see exactly what your new content or updates will look like before they go live, but also allow you to schedule the release of new content (including landing pages, CTAs, banners, and just about everything else) for a specific time and date - including mass releases.

This feature proves to be particularly useful for eCommerce websites that need new campaigns to go live at specific moments and saves them from the hassle of having to literally push a button to ensure that their Black Friday campaign doesn't start on Cyber Monday.

These are just a few of the reasons why agencies like Arkade are opting to use Prismic as their choice of CMS.


Arkade is an Australian-based digital agency that specializes in helping clients to create a unique customer experience that improves their journey and increases their attachment and feelings towards your brand.

Founded in 2013, it has helped many of Australia's largest eCommerce companies to improve their customer experience and develop websites that perform more efficiently and effectively.

In this Prismic webinar, we had the chance to speak with their co-founders founders, Danny Phillips and John Gabriel, about their approach and a specific use case in which they used Prismic and other modern technologies to create an eCommerce website that conveyed an impactful brand story whilst also serving as a smooth customer journey for website visitors and would-be customers.

In their work for ThreeByOne they were able to use Prismic to overcome several key challenges, including increasing the number of team members that could contribute to the content on their site, to create a future-proof website that can be easily updated and adapted to their changing needs.

Like many of their other projects, this build included combining many microservices, like Prismic, that offered the best solution to the specific needs of the client. This particular stack combines Prismic, Next.js, Aglolia, and Shopify Plus.

You can read more about their approach, but we would also encourage you to watch the webinar below to have a better understanding of they improve they customer journey and why they choose to use Prismic for their clients.

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