Announcing our Freelancer Program

Written by Edward Hewitt in Announcement on March 01,2019

We're building a community of Prismic freelancers

We are happy to announce that we have officially launched our Prismic Freelancer Program. This community will help freelance developers that use Prismic to match with clients looking to complete a project. It is a place where developers can share their portfolios, exchange ideas, and give feedback. Where companies can look for experienced freelancers with the skills that they need.

Our goal is simple: to help everyone to get the most out of Prismic.

We know that our clients sometimes need help

Our clients don't always have the available in-house resources necessary to build or retool their websites. Product issues mean that dev and design teams simply don't have the time to work on additional projects, so we thought that we could help them to find a solution. If you're in need of some extra help with your projects this list will provide you with access to all of the skills that you could possibly need.

And that they aren't just freelancers

Freelancers using Prismic aren't just developers or designers to their clients. They're also advisers. They help their clients to pick the right tools, technologies, and solutions, they advise on budgets, and, most importantly, they make sure they are proud of the finished product.

So if you're a freelancer, this program will help you to do all of that better. Members will have access to a dedicate Slack channel, additional on-boarding and handover materials and tools, early access to new features, and lots of other advantages.

So now that you know what it is

Check out the list. You'll also be able to find more useful information about how the program will work and how it could help you with your projects.

Take me to the land of developers →

Have a look at some of the great work that freelancers are doing with Prismic

If you are into movies you can see a great use of parallax effects: Sorry to Bother You - Movie by Annapurna Pictures — Made by John Robson

If you are into startups you can see how you can make the most of our Slices feature: Lunar Way — Made by Mads Ulsø Østergaard

If you are into fashion (or...socks? We aren't judging). Here's a site that actually makes shopping easy: AIM by Mia — Made by Nics Kort

And if you're a developer and you would like to be featured

Contact us and we'll arrange everything.

The best person to talk to is Nouha. Write her an email and she'll take care of the rest.

Edward Hewitt

Content Strategist. If the devs have their way, Edward will one day be replaced by a Prismic feature.